Master wrapper

Is there a way to make a career out of this manual preoccupation?

There was a time when, as a mother to school children, I had a mountain of books and notebooks to cover every year.

In those days I wrapped while watching TV or listening to music or talking to the kids. Sometimes I did nothing else besides -- talk about mindfulness. 

It was fun. I liked cutting plastic and fitting it into the books. I enjoyed using scotch tape to hold the folds in place.  I got a kick out of flattening the surfaces and making sure there is no room for unnecessary air.

Most of all I liked how the newly-wrapped books looked: Sharp and shiny and invincible.

Alas, the kids are grown and I have no books or notebooks to wrap. Except my own. Since classes are starting tomorrow and I am teaching a new course, I wrapped the two main texts I will use as reference for Com 149.11: Special Topics -- Editorial and Opinion Writing.

I wish there were more. Not a mountain, perhaps, but more.