A redemption yet to come

Screenshot of my favorite column of all time

My favorite column is called "Modern Love." It is not in the op-ed section; it is filed under Fashion and Style at The New York Times. It was made even more endearing by its podcast version, an app for which I have in my iPad. The opening lines say it all -- they are "stories of love, loss and redemption."

Most of these are about romantic relationships in different stages. Endings, beginnings, anywhere in between. Sometimes they are about parents and children. Brothers and sisters. Friends.

I get caught up in the great writing (on print) and in the moving reading (on podcast) that I've churned out some Modern Love attempts on my own. Some of them are here in this blog. Some are in my computer, with the details too much of a giveaway to publish online.

My latest one is called "Running away from Mr (name of man) by sitting beside him." Only Jennie, my friend and critic who is halfway around the world, has read it so far. Writing it was a cathartic experience. I meant every word.

However when I sent it to her and read it from my outbox, as another person would, I was seized with certainty that my piece would be rejected even if I did muster enough courage to send it in.

Not for bad writing, of course, but for something more atrocious -- stupidity.  It falls pitifully below the requirements. Love, sure. Loss, sure. Redemption...ugh, next question.

Oh well. Nobody became smart in a day.