Turn up the quiet

That's the title of a recent Diana Krall album, to which I am listening as I write this and my newspaper's editorial.

That's also the running theme of my day. It's just glorious.

There was a time when four children was just too much  - too much noise, clutter, expenses, stress.  When I was in my 20s I used to feel like an old lady, weighed down, practically screaming for just five minutes of time alone.

See, the main difference between introverts and extroverts is how they recharge their batteries.  Extroverts feel renewed when they talk to others. Introverts on the other hand may not have an issue conversing with people, especially with those in their inner circles, but will still always need to be alone to get back their bearings.

And today I had the whole day to myself -- what joy!

Bea is in Bacolod and is just flying back tonight. Josh is at a friend's house and won't be back until tomorrow. Sophie spent the whole day at her review center (for college entrance tests) and is now out to dinner with friends. Elmo is still in Europe with his orchestra -- he will be home Monday night.

As for me -- I woke up at 8, finished a story for the magazine, went to the supermarket, fixed my one-woman lunch, had the laundry delivered, watched shows on Netflix, slept, washed the dishes, did office work online and had a one-hour Skype call with a contact in Singapore. I look forward to writing that story, too.

Later, seeing a movie and fixing my closet!

I feel calm and at peace and ready to take on anything. It won't be this quiet tomorrow, I guess, but the next one is always something to look forward to. 


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