The consummate photographer

I am sure Elmo is now enjoying his new phone, which his older sister Bea and he spent for together. But I have yet to see its benefits. Eight days into his trip, I find myself turning still to the Facebook posts of other members of his tour party just so I could see what are no doubt lovely photos from Europe.

The kid is not known for his diligence in sending or posting the best-looking photos. It's almost hilarious, once you get over the frustration, how he sends instead pictures, via FB Messenger, when we chat.

I will let the photos tell the rest of the story.

There was internet on the plane. I asked him what he ate. I could only be thankful he could see well enough in the dark to eat what are likely good treats from Emirates.
He reported they were in a restaurant. How is your first meal in EU, I asked. I was hoping to see what the place looked like and who he was sitting with. "Roast chicken," he said. And then these images of chicken, potatoes, salad. And plates.

How come I still have signal from Globe up to here? he asked, sending me a summary of the text messages he had received thus far.

A crisis in the middle of the night!  Spotify subscription expired. Would reliable Mammy kindly give the information to fill those blanks? "But I don't read German!" I said.

Are you getting along with your roommates? "They're asleep."

Is your hotel nice? Again, sleeping bodies and moved-around furniture in half-darkness.

Out of the blue, with no prompt from me -- a green bottle! I asked him later why he sent me that and he said: "Because we went to that restaurant and that was our table." K.

I worried constantly how he was keeping his Barong Tagalog crisp and presentable for their performances. (This is the same one I had mistakenly handwashed when it should have been dry cleaned.) Be very careful in ironing it, I said. But wait - do you even have an iron?  And then he sends me a photo of his roommate helping him accomplish the task. All I can see are the towel on the head and the clutter on the floor.
This shot, however, makes up for all other mundane photos. From the plane window, the sun is beginning to appear in the horizon even as it is still dark where the camera clicked.


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