Since I work seven days a week anyway, I felt entitled to decide for myself when my "day off" should be.  I enclose the words in quotation marks because it really just means a day I don't physically show up at the office.

And since I'm saving my money, time and energy for what I believe are more important things than Metro Manila traffic and Uber surges on a Friday, I decided, a few months ago, that I would stay home on this day.

Today was interesting.

When we were new here in QC I reveled at the idea of going to Farmers Market or Q Mart for shopping. That, or the usual air-conditioned supermarkets.  But this morning I did not really feel like going anywhere far or shelling out an amount for wholesale purchases.

And so I turned the corner at the nearby bakery and found myself on the KNL talipapa. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed this down-to-earth experience from my childhood.  And so I gathered rice and eggs and bananas and garlic and onion and patola and miswa -- just the exact amount I needed, no more, no less. I just added some already-fried fish because I like those and nobody else does and frying them at home would make the furniture smell.

I came back home feeling pretty pleased with myself.  I had a lot of change in my pocket, too. Small joys, indeed, are still joys.


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