Breaking bread

Pantry people

This is it, pancit!

I like cooking for my officemates.  They are an awfully appreciative bunch.  I did it again this afternoon when we cobbled ingredients for pancit bihon. 

It's good practice, cooking for many.  I don't usually get to cook for that number of people. Sometimes I miss, and the end-product is bland, but I like to think that most times my creations are a hit. 

Mostly it's noodles, and corned beef, and once an egg salad spread.  Next week I want to make them afternoon pancakes.

The Pantry Gang is more than two years old now (since we moved to Makati) but we have not been having snacks (and taking pictures of ourselves doing so) as often. It does not mean we are less cohesive. On the contrary, the ups and downs of staying in this organization have brought us closer.  

I can honestly say I have never met a more resilient, committed bunch in one setting. It's always a joy to break bread with them.