The "stranger" on my bed

Like any other kid I had a phase with dolls and cute stuffed animals. Trouble was, I lived in a neighborhood where dust accumulated inside one's room fast. My grandmother thought it wise to protect my bears by wrapping them in plastic -- not the best way to enjoy their company. Since I shared a room -- and bed-- with her, I did not have a choice.

And then I had to grow up fast and ditch the teddy bears, having real-life babies to take care of.

It's only now that I am able to fix my room exactly the way I want it. And no, I have not quite outgrown my fondness for bears. I have one on my home office desk, another beside my lamp, one that acts as a bookend, and one that sleeps on my bed.

I never thought of naming them, though, until Elmo asked what I called the one that inhabited my bed. I thought long and hard before coming to a decision.

Meet Mr. Xiao Long Bao. :)


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