Ready to fly

How time flies. Elmo leaves for Europe in a week. I won't be going with him, but last night I dreamed I was trying on a leather sling bag, and that I was thinking it would be a perfect accessory in which to keep my and Elmo's important documents while touring. I guess in my subconscious, I really wish I could go, if I had the wherewithal.

Seeing him go to this international festival, however, is good enough.

And so it was with zeal that I went shopping with him earlier today. He needs many things: slacks, jeans, shoes, underwear, undershirts, socks, a belt. We covered most of it today -- the rest would have to follow later this week.

The older kids tell me I should let Elmo go shopping by himself. Imagine a teenage boy having his mother pick out his underwear!  Perhaps I should, but I will have plenty of time to let the kids buy their own things in future years.

I had a moment of panic walking to the office later in the day, however. I went to the drug store and could not find him when I came out. I looked everywhere and could not see him -- I had to remind myself to stay calm because he knows his way around Greenbelt, he is not stupid, and in fact he will be going to four European cities on his own next week!

I busied myself looking at some earrings. True enough somebody startled me from behind, and I turned to see him laughing at my expression of surprise.

Sometimes I worry -- about my youngest kid losing his passport or money or other things, him being waylaid by street scammers, him getting sick.

But today I realize something is bigger than worry -- confidence that I am raising a good, responsible young man.


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