Sometimes a plant is just that -- a green thing in a pot.

Sometimes it's something else.

A friend with whom I share a brief but rich and colorful history gave me my first plant last week. The woman at the store said it is called rice cactus, because the leaves look like grains of rice.  I thought they looked like little unripe bananas.

The instructions are simple: place near sunlight, water once a week. Even then I'm a bit worried I might bungle the job. Imagine killing what is supposed to be a low-maintenance plant!  I have always liked looking at plants for their therapeutic effect, but have never grown or maintained anything with my own hands. Guess I am about to find out soon if I can.

I have a secret name for my cactus. It's a green thing in a pot yes, but it is also a reminder that people come into our lives, however bad the timing or bizarre the circumstances, for a reason. Sometimes the reason, or lesson, is not immediately apparent and you have to trust the universe to reveal it to you at just the perfect time -- not sooner, not later.

For the moment, be still. Take each day as it comes. You can only do so much right now; tomorrow will take care of itself.

What was it the plant vendor said? Place near sunlight, water once a week.

No sweat.


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