55 reasons why

My friend Jenny came home briefly last month to bring her daughter back here and to launch her book of fiction. Before she left, she gave me a present -- one of her own.

It looks like a rosary but it is not. My friend is, after all, an atheist. The present is a bracelet made of strung-together beads, 55 of them. You are supposed to take a few minutes each day to touch the beads and make each stand for anything you are thankful for in your life.

Since she has already used the beads -- she was wearing them around her wrist, in fact -- she told me to follow a little ritual: Put the beads on a dish, sprinkle salt over them, put them by a window where there would be moonshine and let them stay there overnight. The idea is to remove all her energies so I can truly own the beads.

And now that I've performed that, I am ready to list down the 55 things I am grateful for, today.

1. For Netflix, because I am watching Back to the Future I with the kids and intend to see II and III as well, really soon.
2. For the book I finished last night, Smaller and Smaller Circles by F. H. Batacan. I had long been wishing to return to reading but could not seem to pass the time.
3. For the fact that I checked my BPI account and discovered that, despite the glitch, the modest amount that was left of my savings is intact.
4. For the polvoron at Goldilocks, which Sophie picked out. Talk about some great dessert.
5. For the fact I don't have to be anywhere today.
6. For the fact I don't have to bring Elmo anywhere today.
7. For the possibility that the other half of the office salary would, at last, be available this afternoon.
8.  For the office outing tomorrow -- a chance to just unwind with the people you work with.
9.  For the fact Sophie is starting a workshop tomorrow at The Failure School -- and I got her in for free.
10. For Josh's three-night gig at the Pen, which begins tonight.
11. For the last of the plump strawberries which I finished just now, and which remained delicious four days after I received them.
12. For the fact I feel better, more stable and more in charge these days than I ever was in months.
13. For the fact I wrote and submitted two stories to Inc last night.
14. For the fact that one other source is just waiting for me to send my questions.
15. For the interview I did yesterday, so that I can have a column on Sunday, for a change.
16. For cloudy skies and the drizzle, which look so beautiful this early afternoon.
17. For my bed, and the pretty quilt on it, which are a constant refuge.
18. For the rocking chair beside my window, from where I can observe the world
19. For my friends, who check up on me every now and then especially when I am quiet on social media
20. For the pounds I lost, even though I never went on a diet.
21. For my short hair, which everybody says becomes me.
22. For the new work engagements that came this week
23. For the invitation to write the text for a comic book discussing gaming addiction.
24. For Elmo's trip, which I didn't realize is so near already, which will be a mind-blowing experience for him.
25. For the chance to fix my things today, it being quiet and cool.
26. For the Mary Grace ensaymada I had for breakfast.
27. For finally finishing House of Cards this morning

I am halfway, but now I am sleepy and can't do much else. Will get back to the list later.


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