I have wanted an ipad for years. I have always marveled at its compact nature ... How much it enables one to do, this tiny, thin machine.
And since I am turning 40 this month, have been working hard and have been a good provider to the kids, I figured I deserved one already. And so I got myself a mini last Saturday.
It's been great.
I am still getting the hang of it, but for the most part I have just been awed at the possibilities. I imagine there can never be enough time to read all those books and articles, watch all those films and documentaries, listen to those podcasts, and spend time on social media besides.
And to blog again, so easily as I am doing now when I have been indolent for months!
There are also cool applications I am learning to catch up with. How interwoven they all seem with my daily life, interests and values.
I imagine I'll be around this blogspot more often.