Wrong side out and other surprises

Yesterday was a curious day. It was long, busy and exhausting, but also curious and toward the end, rewarding.

I upgraded my cable subscription and noted that you can now do so "a la carte," picking the channels you want and the person at the other end of the line telling you whether or not it is available.

I took a jeep along Katipunan and realized, to my horror, that I did not have spare change and that my money was a crisp new P500, which I had just reimbursed from Office 2. I was embarrassed and about to alight, having decided to walk to my destination, when a kind sould said she was paying for my fare and I needed not go down.

In the afternoon, in Makati, I was thinking of the sheer amount of things I need to do for my various engagements and decided to get a Thai massage as an "investment" -- so I could work better later. I slipped out of Office 1 for an hour. The massage was great and I stayed late on purpose.

At 11 pm, just when I was fixing myself to go home, I realized I had put my shirt wrong side out. Good thing it was a plain white Jockey t-shirt, which I had jazzed up with nice earrings and an olive green blazer.

At home, and upon remembering I only had 3 pieces of Spanish bread at the office pantry, I was surprised to find two bowls of penne, prepared differently: one garlic-and-oil based, the other, tomato-based. Both had BACON or something that looked like it.

I had tasked the middle kids Sophie and Josh to do the groceries for me, leaving only some money in the cupboard. What a happy sight, the pasta waiting for me! Those two!

What a day, indeed. I wonder what surprises await me today.