A day in the life

Today I am feeling like myself again, and by feeling like myself I mean doing more than I think I could do.

Had breakfast with Elmo before his masterclass, left the house at 910 for Makati and decided at the last minute to take Sophia along. We were on time, even early. At the MSO Academy I brought out my computer and worked on a nomination essay I had been engaged to do. The hour was up fast, and the kids were hungry.

We walked to Food Choices and had early lunch. Elmo had some taro drink and a bowl of Mongolian food. Sophie and I gravitated to Reyes, she to the boneless chicken, I to the boneless bangus.

Tummies happy, we went to the bookstore for some of Sophie's supplies. I resisted -- hard -- getting Nick Joaquin's nonfiction reportage on the Marcoses. Maybe I will come back for it this week.
Next, SM. We girls left Elmo at some donut shop at the food court to get some of Sophie's, ugh, girly things. What are we having for dinner? I asked. She said she could not think as she was still so full.
But I wanted things settled, so I bought two containers of lechon paksiw. Costs so much less than joining the Saturday Maginhawa crowd, or having something delivered at home.

It was time to go home...not to rest, but to return to the work I had left behind. I finished the essay and sent it out. I hope there won't be much of a revision after I had to wade through all that information.

And then Sophie needed to go to church to inquire about joining some groups, and she sounded so lost I figured it would be best if I went with her. And so we did, and passed by my favorite milk tea shop for my dose of large Okinawa double pearl, quarter sugar,

When I returned, it was 330, and I still had to write an editorial and a column for the paper. Some day off huh?

At 615, hurray, I was done. I yelled at Sophie to cook some rice. I had thought Josh's friends would stay for dinner and so I fretted that the paksiw and my leftover fish would not suffice. Turns out, they friends had left but we still needed more food. That's how we roll. We scraped the rice cooker bottom.

At 7pm, we were again full, and we had done our individual shares of restoring order to the house.
I was not used to being idle. Nothing interesting was on TV. I asked Elmo if he wanted to do the laundry tonight so we did not have to rush tomorrow. He hesitated, but eventually said yes.

We went out at 745 carrying our week's worth of clothes. The laundromat's aircon was busted. There was cool music playing -- Dave Matthews Band, the soundtrack of my life when I was a kid pretending to be an adult -- but it was so darn hot. I told Elmo we might as well head for the grocery while we're drying our clothes. We did, and we made good time.

We hauled all four bags into the building lobby, asking the guard to look out for them. We would just retrieve our clothes from the laundromat. When we returned, as if on cue, the drying was finished. The clothes smelled so good and felt so warm -- hot, even. Elmo transferred them onto the cart while I chose a table to fold them on.

Did I say I liked folding and sorting clothes? Now you know,

So I did, and when we were done. we asked the condo guard for a trolley and wheeled everything back to our unit.

I was exhausted, but I was happy. I rested a while and then took a shower, donning the lacy white housedress I had bought for myself.

Tomorrow won't be so full. And perhaps in a few minutes the Cabernet will have chilled. It would be great with the cheddar and sour cream flavored chips.

And maybe I can do some coloring.

And write things that do not have a deadline.

And gawk at the cityscape from behind my window.

And read the book I had started but not quite finished.

And sleep without waking up panicking that I missed doing something.

And thank the Universe that I had something to do, kids and friends to love, and things known and unknown to look forward to.