What you wish for

I have learned it helps to be specific when you pray for/ wish for/ plan for something.

I was doing the dishes this morning and was marveling at how airy the house was when it dawned on me that I had specifically prayed to find a home with lots of windows with air freely going in and out.

I had also asked for a decent bathroom. And a workable kitchen, such that I would want to putter about in it.

I got those, too.

I had asked that Elmo get into PHSA where unimaginable opportunities await him. He was waitlisted, we had to wait a little longer, but that's where he is right now.

I had asked that I would be able to single-handedly provide for the kids, not that we would be rich, not that we would be able to buy everything we wanted. It seems I am able to do that, too.

Now I have something else in mind. I wonder how I would write about that one coming true.