Flash moment at a certain place

Elmo's bus took him to his boarding school this afternoon. 

Where I am 

I can't believe I am writing this blog entry where I am right now. My desk is facing my window on the sixth floor of this building, facing south, where on a clear day I can see Mt. Makiling from a distance. Tonight I behold lights of the city. Beautiful, beautiful. My Flash comes back to life.  My favorite post-rock group, The Echelon Effect, is playing on YouTube. I am writing on the comfort of my new laptop computer, modest but trusty. I am sipping some ice cold beer.

I am missing Elmo, whom I brought this afternoon to his school bus' pick-up point at the Cultural Center. I cried when I left him there earlier. I can imagine he is directly in front of me, only too far I cannot see him.

It's a challenging life, but if I am able to experience transcendental moments like these, peeks into curtains of unfathomable joy, beautiful bittersweet fleeting, if I can freeze this scene in my mind, I am fine. Too fine.