I am smitten.

I cannot seem to get enough of post-rock music (a.k.a. atmospheric rock). I first stumbled upon it via Spotify, under the Deep Focus playlist. I found that it does exactly that -- allows me to focus on the task at hand, and well. Here at the office, where I am constantly surrounded by people, it is what enables me to be productive nonetheless. I just put my earphones on and I am in The Zone.

What is it, really? First, there are no words. There are nature sounds combined with instruments, such that it is what would likewise be in your head when you behold something majestic, or awesome, like a vast sea or a great mountain or even the sky, and you feel so small and so insignificant but so connected to the universe nonetheless.

It's pretty much what would make a good movie soundtrack, with strange titles such as Tracking Aeroplanes, Defying Gravity to Reach You. (I am sure there are many, but now I am most familiar with The Echelon Effect)

It's what you would hear in your head when you're travelling and introspecting. Doesn't have to be a plane or a fancy yacht -- a mere city bus or train would do. Precisely because it's soundtrack music, you will see your life (or segments of it) as you would a movie. Who are the characters, what are the events. how are the conflicts smoothed out? Is there a happy-ever-after, or do you really need one in the first place?

If I wrote music instead, I would be writing this.