The grown ups' table

Nearly a month after the office's move to Makati and my assumption of additional central desk duties, I find that I get exhausted every day much more than warranted.

Why be so tired, I asked myself, that I am not able to do anything else when I get home?  I had stopped taking the MRT and opted instead to take the long bus ride northbound at night, when I am comfortable and free to catch up on my reading and listen to my playlists.

I had planned all this. I did not think I would be so tired as to not be able to do anything else for my other commitments.

So why?

Last night it dawned on me that my exhaustion  could be due to my introversion.

I am seated among six other people at a long table at work. These people are the top newsmen at the office -- those who live and breathe the news. I, meanwhile, have become used to working at my own (fast) pace without so much an interruption from others.

Oh,they do not mess with what I do or interrupt me needlessly. In fact I do need to be seated at that table to facilitate the flow of stories.

And this is not to say they are not good people, either, because they are. We share food and some laughs and eat together at the pantry sometimes.

Some of them are just larger than life, and it is not in my nature to thrive in that.

So the next few weeks will be challenging as I try to strike this balance. I will get there soon.

At the very lest, I get seven hours of straight sleep these days, because the kids are on vacation and when I climb to bed every night I just go...zzzz.