Short and sweet and regular

Shame on me. I have let this blog go idle for months. And even the past several posts don't count for much, because they are just archived column pieces that I published in our newspaper. That's work. Well, still me, but work, too. What's the use of having a personal blog then? I might as well just use the MST Web site.

Today I will start an experiment and I hope I can stick to it, if only to remind myself what I should really be doing. Yes I am busy, overwhelmed with many concerns on many fronts - but isn't everybody and her neighbor, too?

Beginning today then, this blog will serve as a journal of my most pressing thoughts. This won't be about my personal life necessarily. This doesn't have to be profound. It could be about anything. Smart or silly. But it has to be short, because first and foremost, it has to be regular.

I hope to build this habit and catch on. What the **** am I doing, not writing, and shamelessly attempting to come up with excuses for not doing so every day? I want to resume the habit of doing the writing that I don't have to do -- because that, really, is the best writing of all.

Who am I, after all, if I am not she who writes?