Back Story 2: Temple Run

At the steps of the temple, curiosity all satisfied

Last Sunday I went to the Taoist Temple in Cebu City.

I had the opportunity to ask the gods a few questions. I only had three. The answers were yes, no and maybe and the wooden beans were supposed to give me the answers.

First, I asked if I would continue to be able to provide for the kids single-handedly. The gods said yes.

Second, will I meet the Next One this year? The gods hesitated - Maybe, they said. I tried again, and they said no.

Third, I asked whether My Most Recent One, the one I had said goodbye to only a few days back, was even genuine in the first place. Yes, I was told. I felt relieved. Sad, because it was really and truly over -- and because he never fought as hard as I had wanted him to -- but relieved.

And then I went out to join the others and felt like myself again. I was told I could ask as many questions as I wanted, but I felt that was enough. I knew everything I should know. The rest - I can live with the mystery.