Lights off: A Valentine story

I am not superstitious. But sometimes, I believe in signs. Listen to this girl’s story.


There is a girl who has only been with three boys in her entire life.

The first one she met one summer morning, when he came to her house upon orders of their teacher. 
The boy was recruiting talents for his theater group. The girl agreed and said she would join that evening’s rehearsals.
Later, reading the scripts, the boy and the girl started getting to know each other. But the rehearsal did not push through – the lights had gone off.
Everybody went home.

The second boy was studying to become a lawyer. On the first meeting, the boy and the girl were together in a public event. The boy was supposed to argue a case before a mock audience. The girl was supposed to observe, later critique him. 
The boy’s arguments were cut mid-sentence. There was total darkness. It took long minutes before the lights went back on and he found his voice again.
His arguments did not seem as compelling after that.

The third boy was in business. He ran an ad; he wanted to train his staff to write effective business correspondence. She replied and that’s how they met.
Their first meeting was in a board room. But just after introductions the lights went off and she headed for the door to get some air. She did not want to be in a dark room with a stranger.
Later, she feared being trapped in the elevator; she almost took the stairs from the tenth floor.

Each of these first meetings progressed into relationships that eventually failed.

And now the girl, older, wiser, immensely more sure of herself, has had enough of these power outages. The pattern must be broken. Any boy can only be in the clear if their first meeting passes without the lights going off.

In fact, there is no need for artificial lighting. Going out into the sunshine is so much better.