The sweetest thing

"Why is he so nice to us?" The kids and I keep asking ourselves. We refer to their former English teacher from their old school, Teacher Alex, who has graduated into teaching at another school and into being Sophie's ninong at her confirmation last October.

Sophie and Teacher -- now Ninong -- Alex
 during her Grade 6 graduation in March 2012. 

Yesterday, when nobody was home, Alex dropped by to bring us an entire cheesecake, several to-die-for brownies, a French press, a bag of hazelnut-flavored coffee and a can of blueberries to top the cheesecake with.

Came home to this last night

Last year, on December 27 and even before he became Sophie's godfather, he also dropped by to bring us a dozen freshly-baked muffins. Also TDF.
Last year's nomnomnomuffins

He baked all these goodies himself.

There really has been no further interaction aside from his dealings with the kids when they were his students; he especially encouraged the girls to write. Sure, he would like our FB posts occasionally or comment on them, and sometimes read Bea's or my blog (so he said) -- but that was all.

What I know about him is that he bakes, he sings, and he is taking up his masters at DLSU.

The kids say that once you talk to him you forget that he is bigger than an average adult male, and during the course of your conversation his inner beauty would shine through. I find that easy to believe.

We were all floored by Sir Alex's gesture especially since only very few people, all of them in our inner circles, go out of their way and take the trouble to do something nice for us.

"Maybe he likes us very much!" one or other of the kids ventured, to which I agreed.  We like him too and we would like to get to know him better.