Planned spontaneity

I like making plans, fixing schedules, keeping track of things, and putting stuff in order. You can easily throw me off balance when you give me something I never expected (pleasant surprises are an exception, of course), or when you put me on the spot, or when you cause me to veer away from my plans. 

But I had been planning, too, to allow myself to be impulsive. I finally acted on that plan last week. 

I really needed a backpack because sometimes I am out most of the day bringing practically everything. My office is in the seedy part of town -- no need to look fancy or even corporate especially when you're taking public transportation.

Three of the kids have good old, reliable Jansport bags which they use for school and which I occasionally borrow. But I knew I needed one of my own. 

So last Monday Sophie's former classmate's mom posted a series of backpack photos and I thought the blue one looked nice. It's a light royal blue which I can better describe as "Ateneo blue". I made arrangements and after an hour I had paid and the bag was mine. I put all my stuff in and commuted to Port Area.

It was not until the evening that it occurred to me that the bag did not seem like the blue I had initially wanted. The one who sold me the bag assured me it was that exact bag in the photo (maybe the lighting made the actual look different from the photograph). But by that time, I had used the already and have enjoyed the convenience it offered. Too late for a return, or even an exchange. And anyway, the color was nice, too, a vibrant, youthful hue. It's blue green; I've never seen that shade on a bag before. But I didn't like it. It wasn't me. It was not, ugh, age-appropriate.

Good thing Sophie has agreed to trade bags with me in January. Hers is white and gray - more my type. 

I guess I won't be making any more impulsive decisions soon.