Our Christmas story

For a change, I thought I'd come up with a photo essay to remember this year's Christmas Eve. 

This year has been really special for our family - composed of me and the 4 kids. We've had our share of challenges and petty conflicts, but we also learned we're solid -- and we're awesome that way!

Bea will soon be 20...which makes me, officially, an old lady. Imagine, she's almost done with her teenage years!

I need to especially look out for this one, to make sure she knows what her priorities are.

This guy will be 12 in July...but he will always be the baby. Not just mine, but his brother's and sisters',  too. 

Josh will be 18 in 2 weeks. 

Here's a view of our humble tree right before dinner. Preparing for our annual exchange gift is always quite an exercise. It makes us attuned to what each family member really needs or wants. And of course, there is the matter of sticking to a budget...

Dinner was very sparse yet special. I experimented with the recipe for the spaghetti sauce because I had wanted to copy Pancake House's. It turned out to be even better (Josh helped.)!! We also had Chooks to Go delivered -- and that's about it. Here Elmo cannot seem to wait to eat even as the others still gamely pose. 

The small kids made dessert. Graham crackers with mangoes, milk and cream. It does not look very appealing here but the taste is another story altogether. Congratulations, kids!

Mr. Daniels is Josh's new best friend. I liked him, too. 

Here, we've eaten and are waiting for midnight. We briefly had a visitor, but the interaction was short, uneventful and unremarkable. It's the five of us and we like it that way. 


What the kids gave me: a beautiful red bag, The Essential Hemingway, a framed photo of macaroons, a headset, and a Gap shirt. 

I had this game when I was a kid. :)

Showing off her sister's present

Fedora hat and a gray sando

More shirts

Me with my presents. They really know me well. 

This is my gift to Sophie. I hope she will be inspired by Malala's story. 

Gave this to Bea. The thesis is that the spaces we occupy are a factor in our self-actualization.

Merry Christmas from the five of us!