Everybody home

I was out for other work earlier part of the day but decided to take the long bus ride home so I can do my work for the paper in the comfort of my home office. It's Tuesday, anyway, not my day to write editorials. That counts a lot.

I arrived at four and shortly after, Sophie and Elmo arrived, too. Sophie said she was sleepy and plunked down on my bed immediately. Elmo said he wanted french fries and ran outside to get them.

After another 30 minutes or so the big kids Bea and Josh arrived together, too. I was surprised because Josh had told me he would pass by his lady friend's house first. Now Bea -- with her friends and org activities (she's president) -- does not quite have a fixed time of coming home. I've grown used to that; she's 19 and in the Dean's List anyway. She went to her room and rested, too.

Then somebody mentioned fishballs. I should have gotten some at the grocery last time and we could have made the sweet-sour-thick sauce in our own kitchen -- but nothing beats the "dirty" variety, the one that's peddled on a cart, Josh said.

And so he, Sophie and Elmo went outside with P100 pesos and came back with fishballs for me and Bea as well. They spent all of the money.

And then we had a sumptuous dinner of sinigang na hipon while updating each other on Mar Roxas' YouTube clip -- wondering whether ABS-CBN where his wife is news anchor would report on it --  and why the previous night's episodes of G2B and Maria Mercedes were being talked about everywhere. And a lot more.

After dinner I got back to work and Elmo started throwing a stress ball against our bedroom wall and then catching it. When I finished working, I lay down and joined him in his game. Squash, he said. Then he described his idea of a perfect day: "Nakahiga ako sa malambot na kama, malamig, naka kumot ako, tapos busog ako kasi kumain ako ng masarap (I am resting on a soft mattress, in a cool room, covered in a blanket, and my tummy is full because I ate delicious things)." Soon he was asleep -- alas, a bit warm from a slight fever and colds.

Soon, too, Josh stepped out to jam with a friend. The girls went to sleep. And now everything's quiet and I am writing again.

How cozy it is when families come together after a long, busy day, and recharge so that each member shines in his or her individual sphere again.