Midnight rambling

Mirror selfie at my home office-bedroom

Yes, I have only been occasionally posting on this blog. I've been overwhelmed with work these past few months -- work for the paper, and many other commitments. I have to do them all, sure, and I haven't slept a decent number of hours in a long while, but it's not an issue because I love it. I love the work, the disparity of the things I have to do, the many hats I wear, the new people I meet and the universe of knowledge I still have to unlock. I love having to work, too, because my kids' welfare are paramount and knowing that I enable them to find and pursue their passion by doing my work is enough to keep me going. I love the fact that the stress of deadlines and the need to prioritize where I would be at any given time and the pressure not just to deliver, but to deliver excellently every single time all hone my decision making process. I love how in-touch I am with every one of the kids, and all of them at the same time, even though I can be really grumpy at times, because you should never lose sight of the really really important things in your life. I love how I fight for some me-time, time with very special people and time with my friends, time to listen to music and watch films and read books, even allow myself to gush and blush like a teenager and laugh like there is no tomorrow, because I know if I don't I will age prematurely and be unable to stop and smell the flowers. And what a waste that would be! Not everything is on hand but everything is within reach. I know what I can and cannot do, what I will and will not do, and every morning I wake up eager to find out what the new day will bring. Even the challenge of writing here more regularly just inspires me to do better, make time for more. Nothing is quite perfect, but each imperfection is something to work on.  I thrive. I am in equilibrium. I am happy.