Living room in progress

Welcome to our living room :)  The chocolate brown will be eggshell white in a few weeks. 

I have the 4 kids photographed every Christmas season. We started this in 2005 and it's going to be a lifelong tradition. I wonder how the progression is going to look like 20 years from will continue to adorn my living room wherever I decide to settle. :)

Last month I changed our living room curtains. There used to be very light bamboo curtains there, Japanese style, but they got worn out over time.

Now the green complements the chocolate brown couches...but not for long. I have commissioned somebody to make slipcovers for the sofa set, an eggshell-white colored, katsa (they call it canvass) that will be delivered middle of next month. A new set of throw pillow covers will also achieve that novel feel, just perfect for the holidays. 

I took a photo of my living room recently and was seized with wonder about how far we have really gone from those days in the second half of 2007, after I had just bolted my previous life and crossed over to the new. 

We lived then in a two-bedroom apartment and I brought nothing with me except a folding bed, but my sister who was living with us at that time was pregnant and she was the one who used it that first night. 

It was also just Bea and Josh who were living with me, and so the three of us alternated in the folding bed while the other two slept on the floor. I had to wait for my 13th month pay that year to be abe to afford bed frames and mattresses. The three of us also shared a zip-up closet in the beginning. Bea and Josh were then 13 and 11 -- Sophie's and  Elmo's ages today. 

Our living room was not any less bare.  We made do with whatever remained of an old couch whose legs had given way.  So when you sat down, your knees would be higher than your hips.  Two monobloc chairs provided extra seating capacity.  We used these makeshift items for six months before I finally got a faux-leather three-piece set. 

Our first television was a 14-inch Promac. We waited for it to conk out after 4 years before we shifted to a slightly bigger, slightly better one. It's pretty heavily used because we wither take turns watching our favorite programs or watch some common favorites together. 

There's still a lot more I want to do for the house, but now it looks more welcoming and neat than ever and I am proud of it. Proud of us. Proud of me. :)