Me, again

Maiba lang.


I don't wear a watch but I always try to be on time. If I'm late, or if I don't show up altogether, I probably have a valid excuse.

I joined Little Miss Philippines when I was 8 years old. I advanced to the semi finals but lost. The following year, I joined again and lost, pronto.

I appeared in a local action movie as a bit player, also when I was 8. The movie was "Ben Tumbling" starring Lito Lapid who eventually became a senator.

I like going to National Bookstore for supplies - pens, notebooks, clips.

I have always dreamed of having my own room and now I am having the time of my life.

I was a mom at 18. Now at 37 I still feel like a young girl.

I sometimes drink coffee and fall asleep even before I finish the cup.

I am a night person. Very much one.

My kids think I'm funny. You will have to be really close to me to see that goofy side.

I have a coin bank for 5 and 10 peso coins named Porky and everybody in the house knows who Porky is.

Sometimes I send the wrong text messages to the wrong people, by mistake, of course. This has led to great embarrassment. I once sent "Combo20" to somebody from a high-end lifestyle magazine. And said "Epal" to a former ambassador. And said "I missed you" when I really meant "I missed your call."

My favorite series are The Newsroom and Criminal Minds. i would be very happy if somebody gave me a complete DVD set of The West Wing.

I have no musical skills whatsoever and just enjoy listening. I am thankful that my kids are talented musical performers and will be the first to applaud and post their pictures.

I do sing videoke -- usually men's songs. Coldplay's, Dave Matthews', John Mayer's. I scored 98 on "Back to You."

I like putting things in order. Chests of drawers, boxes, matrices and organizers are especially appealing to me.

I use the order of songs in my cell phone music player to measure my travel. By this song, I should already be in this place.

I wish I had more time to read and watch films.

I love shrimp and crab. My dream is to eat a lobster.

When I am rich I will set up an NGO (not a bogus one!) and I will call it "Snap out of it". Go figure.

I like travelling but hate flying. I got myself drunk on a 13-hour trip once just so I would forget I was airborne. Too much "Air Crash Investigation" and "Seconds from Disaster" I guess.

I still take public transportation and feel like a badass girl when I am at the back of a tricycle.

I love popcorn. Buttered with only a pinch of salt.

I am usually very patient and nice but these things can easily de-stabilize me: things breaking down, food and other things going to waste, and my privacy being invaded. I am pretty protective of my personal space and I am very clear as to who are in and who are out of my circle.

I am deathly afraid of cockroaches. I have a physical reaction to just the sight of them.

I have mild cases of the following: claustrophobia, OCD and scoliosis.