The Midnight Club

Club Founders
Welcome to the Midnight Club.

It's a super-exclusive club with two founding members, Elmo and Josh. Last night they delighted Sophie by telling her she could be part of it, too.

The Midnight Club was born very recently, towards the end of summer after the boys had borrowed an old X-box unit of Josh's high school friend. It was also born out of their having watched Fast and Furious 6 two weeks ago.

Here's how it goes -- they watch a movie on the Internet by midnight, and then proceed (actually, return) to the living room to play race cars on video. In between, they may go out to mini-stop or eat out at the 24-hour tapsilog house a few steps away, and laugh at how erratic the servers are at that time of night. They practice their "accents."

2013-05-31 09.20.11.jpg
They call themselves "Tulags Bros"
They horse around like madmen and laugh like hyenas.

The other night, they capped off at 4 in the morning. But since school will start next week, the Midnight Club may be on hiatus for a while.

We will go back to regular programming -- and normal sleeping hours -- once classes begin, but we will all miss the Midnight Club and all the other fun things we shared this summer.