The Breakfast Club

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Midnight Club, a two-member organization composed of my two boys, Josh and Elmo.

In the remaining days of the summer vacation, they made it a point to stay up late and do a variety of things together – chase each other’s cars on Xbox, watch movies, eat.

Bea and Josh, circa 1998-1999
But now school has opened and there is no more midnight club. Elmo especially is still adjusting to being away from the house for 12 hours a day. I transferred him to his Ate Sophie’s school (where I finished grade school and high school) and the school service picks them up before 6am. They are brought home between 530 and 6pm.

In fact, the small kids (Sophie and Elmo) are home less than the big kids (Bea and Josh), who are attending college in the same school.

Bea is graduating next school year, BA Literature. Josh had made the sacrifice of shifting to the more practical course Business Administration from the UST Conservatory of Music where he was majoring in upright bass. UST is a lot pricier than the UP-affiliated Kalayaan College.

Those same kids on a Happy Mondays session, December 2012

The college-age kids’ schedules, with the earliest class at 10am, allow them to sleep in later. It also allows the three of us to have breakfast together.

I did not use to be fond of breakfast, with me hurrying all the time or going back to sleep after a full night of writing. These days, however, I have made a conscious decision to plan our breakfast fares. It’s a good way to bond – especially when we’re all too cranky and tired at the end of the day to keep up.

It helps that our helper makes good fried, rice, too. We alternate – boneless bangus, Spam, corned beef. This morning it’s instant carbonara from Nissin. Mmmm, I smell it already. I have an important Skype call at 930 am and I can hear the kids stirring awake too from their rooms adjacent to mine. Can’t wait to get started.

We take it further, sometimes. The members of the Breakfast Club sometimes go out of the house together.  Last week I rode with them to the train station on Edsa. Yesterday I dropped them off at their school before proceeding to my own engagement. It’s economical – we pool transportation funds from our respective allowances.

And tomorrow, three of us go out at night for Josh’s gig. It will be my first time to see his group perform live and I have invited some friends, even. I guess breakfast will be late Friday.

And oh, there are plenty of things to celebrate! Two weeks ago Bea got an award for being on the Dean’s List last semester. This week her application for a 50-percent tuition discount has been granted, in exchange for student assistantship.

They will be adults soon, ready to face the world on their own. It’s my duty and happiness to make sure they do not go out on an empty stomach.