Steel comfort

Change is the hero - photo from the movie's FB page
Coming home from the office Monday night, I got stranded. I left at six in the evening and got in at midnight.

I did not spend six hours on the road -- only about two and a half even as it felt longer than that. I took a jeep that cut its trip midway because it could not go wade into the flood after Blumentritt area. I took the LRT, jampacked, of course, and got down at Monumento only to discover I could not take a ride home below because it was also flooded. I went back up to go to the Roosevelt, Edsa terminal but there were no buses, only what seemed like a million people.

And yes it was still raining. My favorite pair of nude shoes were soaked and had started to gape.

From Munoz then it appeared I had no other choice to wait for better times. I walked to SM North Edsa and I was suddenly seized with a hankering for noodle soup. Rainy day comfort! Tempura miso noodle soup at Tokyo Tokyo was just heaven!

After my late dinner, I went to see what was playing at the cinemas. There were twelve theaters, eleven of which were showing Superman - Man of Steel. I passed. I was overjoyed to note that the other Steel movie, Dance of the Steel Bars, was also on. After getting a pair of emergency flip flops, I bought a ticket and walked into the near-deserted theater. Last full show was due to begin at 9:30.

By 9:15, I was the only person in the dark movie house, and I would be a hypocrite if I said I did not get scared. Just a wee bit though.

A scene from Dance of the Steel Bars with Bergin and Dantes

Dance of the Steel bars is a Filipino film but featured an American actor, Patrick Bergin, as one of the leads. The other lead was Dingdong Dantes. All the other cast members were Filipinos too.

It deals with prison life and whether such places are, actually, rehabilitation centers of mere black holes where hardened criminals are thrown into. Frank (Bergin)  is accused of killing a young man he had only tried to help. Mando (Dantes) is a former dance instructor. The other characters show that prison is itself a war zone. In the end, good prevails -- the dancing provides an apt background for the drama that is both shown and implied. Transformation was possible, even in the most desolate of conditions.

Wouldn't you know it, it was Man of Steel that was The Other Steel Movie all along.

The rain had stopped by the time I stepped out. I did not feel exhausted anymore. Funny how we stumble into gems when we least expect to.