We're going to the beach!

The joy of anticipation. Kids on the train after a trip to Divisoria in preparation for....

In four hours, the kids and I are scheduled to leave Manila for an overnight trip down south. 

We've finished packing and I have informed the office I would be away for two days. Can't sleep yet. Excited much. 

Somebody was kind enough to offer us a stay at a beach house. Yet another kind soul is providing transportation. This offer had been standing for at least three years, but I have always declined, citing a million, practical, reasons. 

This time is different. We still have to be practical -- all the more so -- but it's nice to break a pattern every once in a while.  There are other, bigger things aside from pinching pennies especially if you're doing it for its own sake. Things like, saying yes and accepting an offer that seeks nothing in return. Or being humble enough to recognize other people's role in your life. Or recognizing that not everything is valued in pesos and cents.  

These kids and I have been through a lot.  We revel in our universe and share everything from silly jokes, petty conflicts, gossip, even more serious discussions and life-changing decisions. And today we celebrate our togetherness. I asked them if they wanted to bring along a friend or two, and they said no -- this time is ours. And besides, the five of us have not really done this before.

Here's to our happy bubble.  We deserve this We-Time. There won't be a dearth of pictures! :)