Girls' Getaway

Fabulous dinner, fabulous company
I spent the weekend with three of my high school friends -- kumares now -- at a serviced apartment in Makati City. One of them, Anna, got a really good deal; she only had to book way in advance.

The overnight tradition started last year, on Mother's Day weekend. There were six of us then (the other two are now abroad). We figured we deserved to take a break from our domestic responsibilities, catch up on each other's lives, and enjoy many laughs like we were still teenagers.

Our barkada's name is Teen Petite. Certainly we're not in our teens and the pictures will tell you we're far from petite, either.

These girls surprised me at my then-in laws' house for Bea's first birthday. 
My three companions are all married and two of them are moms, too. Anna has three daughters; Imee has two.

(Tummy would have joined us...but she died nearly five years ago from a decades-old heart illness. She was neither married or a mother.)

Buffet breakfast at Strands
I feel lucky to be blessed with such good, long-standing friends. I think I speak for all four of us when I say we feel no pressure to show just how successful, or rich, or accomplished we have become.  The others will be ready to whack us on the nape if we did that. We've seen each other when we were awkward adolescents struggling with problems both shallow and profound. It would be a violation of our bond if we suddenly decided to get swayed by these external trappings.

And so we ate and talked and laughed and gave advice and ate and I worked and slept and went swimming and took pictures and ate and went back to our respective homes happy and energized.

I look forward to the next time.