Missing Makati

with colleagues in the newsroom

I felt like a dead man walking last week, my office’s last week in Makati.

Everything I did, I was conscious that I may be doing for the last time. 

In those remaining days, I tried to eat food that was “endemic” to Makati.  For the past two years and eight months, my meals have mostly been taken in front of my computer or, circumstance-permitting, out with friends.

Over the years I have developed attachments to the humble sandwich from Subway, or the sour-cream pretzel from Aunti Anne’s, or the  Mongolian Quickbox, or the spaghetti with eggplant parmigiana from Sbarro, or that soy garlic squid rice box from Bon Chon.

The office was a stone’s throw away from Greenbelt.

While there, I also made a few discoveries. My friend Bates introduced me to Buffalo Wings and Things along Dela Rosa Street, and their spicy wings with blue cheese dip and dirty rice are to die for. Especially with some light beer. Perfect at the end of a long day.

Belatedly I also discovered a restaurant called Mom and Tina’s with Bates and yet another friend, Berna. I think I’ll be back, if only to experience the food again – and see my Makati-based friends, of course. More frequently than I imagine, again, circumstance-permitting.

I have a vice – massages. It may be because of my mild-to-moderate scoliosis that I always feel the need to get a good hour long pat on the back. It may also be that I am stressed, big time. Whatever the reason, I claim that hour as sacred hour. First there was TonTon along Perea – but it closed. I quickly hopped over to Nuat Thai, on the same side of the street. My last session on Monday was almost…heartbreaking.

In those dim, cool rooms with traditional Thai music, I’ve had some hard-to-forget experiences.  For instance, I was there blissfully ignoring calls across the board. Soon however I realized my son Josh was calling me because he had been punched by a drunk tricycle driver and had to go to the police to file a complaint.

Boy, that was some stressful evening.  It does deserve another blog entry.

Later that same month, I got a call from my lawyer telling me that the court had decided on my annulment case. I was now free!  It took a while for that to sink in.

Most of all I will miss the walking. I’ve had plenty of time to reflect while doing the 20-minute walk, one way, from the train station to my building.

I had this yearly break of three days not thinking of office work, but now it’s ending and I will have to go back to my duties tomorrow.  Another world is out there.