I said I was grateful that the holidays are over. "Regular" days are here again, and this week more than ever I was reminded how irregularly heavy my ordinary days could be.

Deadlines have governed me all week. I've been writing editorials every day since the other fellow in the pool  went on leave for a full week, and I had to take up the slack for the three writing days he missed. Add that to my own three days. My only respite this week came from a request for a pooled editorial by the Philippine Press Institute on the freedom of information bill.

Still it has taken a toll on me such that now that it is time to write for me (editorials have no byline), I feel drained and spent with nothing new to offer.

Of course I feel I am behind with my thesis, which I know I can easily finish if pushed to a wall. But I am already pushed against the wall on other things -- I need a little breathing space. I also have a paper for Asian history that I should have gotten out of the way months ago. But our prof gave us the luxury of procrastinating -- when you're working and running a household and trying to stay sane, that's something you can't afford to pass up. Now it's coming back to haunt me -- as I write what is supposed to be the culmination of two years' hard work.

But, hey, look at the bright side. I got the paperwork done at school so that I was able to revert to my maiden name in my ID. This means my graduate diploma -- which I will receive in two months, granted I shape up -- will bear Chua.

Miss 930226

It's Thursday and I should be looking forward to the weekend, but the truth is that a weekend for me simply means I don't have to waste a few hours commuting to and from Makati. There's always work (seven days, and, so I heard, the seventh day will not be as light anymore) and school and the kids and the house and everything else in between. And I mean everything else. :P

I do have the distinct feeling there will be changes this year. These changes will be good. :) How's that for a new "regular"?