"Healthy" feasts

With every New Year, most of us vow to be just a little bit healthier.  We resolve to give a little more thought to the food we place in our mouths and to be more willing to get sweaty -- if not by going to the gym, then by being more physically active.

I will not claim to be beyond all that. Who does not want to shed a few pounds and be able to wear nice clothes? Hence I have vowed to walk more (and save on cab fare, unless it's really late or I am really tired or I am carrying more than my usual bag) going to and from work and the train station.  I have been doing that, but I have yet to see results. :)

Passing up on food is more difficult. I love to eat, my kids love to eat, my friends love to eat. Eating, more specifically eating together, occasions a lot of good feelings and good memories.

There is also another thing that keeps me from reaching for just that jar of oatmeal when I arrive at night. The kids are still awake. They like eating, or eating again, when we're all in, and they have sorts of ideas on what to eat or even what to prepare during that late hour (I come home, at the earliest, 930 pm).

It does not have to be fancy. Last night for instance we feasted on spicy beef noodle soup with egg. I used up all five packets. The night before, I had more time to prepare so we there was corned beef hash (I used hash brown potatoes but ground them) and cheddar cheese strips and bell pepper strips rolled in molo wrapper, deep fried.

Tonight -- who knows? 

As a consequence we go to bed rather late, there's tv and the internet and each other's conversation -- and often on full stomachs. 

If I had a diet coach he or she would have resigned in exasperation by now. Then again, I guess all this is healthy -- just not in the physical, nutritional sense.