January and February will be very challenging for me. I have to put together a decent Master's Project if I want to go up that stage in March and receive my graduate degree in journalism. Of course I want to do more than just meet the basic requirements.

Put that alongside my job at the newspaper and the pressures of supporting four children.

It follows that most of the time I am overwhelmed with the mere thought of the things I have to do. I feel guilty for staying downstairs and watching too much television or even getting enough sleep. I count the hours and minutes I spend on public transportation and equate them with the time I could instead spend working on my thesis!

Aside from work and school, I have a list of things in the house I want to put in order, books I want to read, films I want to see -- and yes, articles I want to write.

I hope I can make time for all these this year.

But what I truly wish for is a day -- or two, or three -- to just do/worry about...nothing.