Better than Sting

I am a huge fan of Sting. I was thus heartbroken that when he came to town and had a concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum last Sunday, I was not able to go.

But I did not stay home Sunday evening moping, either.

I rushed after work to a garden restaurant-bar along Visayas Avenue in Quezon City for a benefit gig/art exhibit.  The event was called ABC - Art Be Caused, for the benefit of the organizer's friend who needed a kidney transplant and for children in a mountain village who needed slippers on their way to school.

My kids Bea and Josh were among the performers.

Early in the evening, Bea sang Michael Jackson's "Man In The Mirror" with other members of PLUS, a group of musicians and artists she hangs out with some weekends. I was late...I caught only the latter half of the song. Based on the resounding applause, I gathered my daughter did the song some justice.

Not to worry; there were more songs to come. I took a seat on the comfortable couch and had dinner of shawarma and beer. I bet I was the only mom there, but I made sure I did not look like one. In fact, I was dressed in a black t-shirt -- the standard attire, I have observed, in these gigs.  Josh had come to Bali Hai with his lady friend Clarisse, and Bea had a visitor of her own, a classmate.

Their turn came, finally.  Bea and Josh had been rehearsing at home during the weekend so I knew what songs they were going to sing.  It was still awesome to see them onstage, though. Those two who were once babies and whom I took care of were now confident, able musicians! My heart swelled...even though i knew I was a lousy photographer/ videographer (I lost the video of another performance last week).

They sang EBTG's "I didn't know I was looking for love," the funky "Just friends," and "Have yourself a merry little Christmas." For their more-more piece, they opted for Up Dharma Down's "Oo".

On Monday, I saw on TV the highlights of the Sting concert. I must admit, I looked away. I imagined myself there, knowing the words of the songs, swaying to the music...feeling euphoric. I only have a handful of musical idols and Sting is one of them. His lyrics show he is attuned, both with human emotion and world affairs. Will I ever see him live?

I am a big Sting fan, but an even bigger fan of my kids. Call me a stage mother all you want, but I would not have missed their show for the world.

*All photos except Sting's were grabbed from the FB page of Mr. Tim Vergara.