Corkboards and moneybags

This is how the two side-by-side corkboards in my room/ home office look like.

The plan was, originally, to have three distinct areas. One for work, one for school, and one for domestics. Last night I decided to just have two: Work/ school, and to the right of the photo of the pastel-colored macaroons, domestics.

I have my calling card, my press pass and my school ID. Also there is a printout of my grades, which I am mightily proud of. Imagine going up the stage and having your kids pin your medal on you, instead of the other way around like you are so used to! Next to my grades is the list of things I have to do this weekend.

Ah, the macaroons. I cut them out of a paper place mat from French Baker many moons ago. It's an outrageous hint to the kids that those goodies would make me really happy. It's also my way of remembering a good friend I don't anymore see. :(

To the right are the report cards of  Sophia and Elmo, as well as a matrix of Elmo's exam grades. We need to keep track of things if we all want to move forward, right?  On the far right is an image of a mom reading to her two young children. It reminded me of Bea-Joshua, and Sophie-Elmo, when they were little.

Finally, last night's addition -- the money bags. one for each child and another for "household".  Before I go to sleep I fix my bag and arrange my disbursements the following day. Now that I am especially challenged in keeping my finances in order, I welcome the tiniest things to help me do a better job.

Kids are making fun of the money bags. They say we can put all sorts of things in it. And who is the sibling called "household?" I don't mind. Just indulging my mild case of OCD and still believing that a space in order, is a life in order. It's never too late to clean up the mess and put everything where it belongs.