These days, staying home does not necessarily mean resting or not working.

Take my job at the paper, which I fulfill seven days a week without fail. It does not mean, however, that I commute to and from Makati, one hour and 45 minutes each way, seven days a week. Saturdays used to be day off. The idea is that I do not even have to know what MST stands for on that glorious day. For the past three months, however, with the birth of MST Sunday for which I have to write an additional day of editorial, that has become a misnomer. No, dear reader, I don't take a day off anymore.

Nonetheless, working from home is not so bad.  I spare myself the cost and the time and the effort of travelling.  I have energy and time for other things.  I can attend my distance learning class and participate well. Devote time to my other projects. I can spend time with the kids. I can go to the supermarket. Catch up on sleep. Cook dinner. Write when I don’t have to.

At this instant I am listening to music while reveling in solitude inside my comfortable room. How gloriously quiet and peaceful! Only one column to process, and then one page to put to bed, and I am done for the night – work-wise, that is. I have plenty of other stuff to attend to.

Tonight I look forward to going downstairs, fixing the groceries while watching television long, after all the work has been finished and everybody else has gone to sleep. I doubt if I would have that energy if I had gone out and traveled today.