New phone!

Two months and ten days. That was how long ago I lost my cell phone which was taken out of my bag pocket in a bus at the corner of Edsa and Quezon Avenue. I wrote about it in an earlier post, (

That was also how long I waited to finally replace the Nokia C3 -- which I got for P5,000 last year -- which had become a practical extension of me. It contained photos of my family and friends, songs I loved to listen to while commuting to work, messages from people in my private and public spheres. 

I reverted to the Nokia 2600 I got four years ago. It was just a phone, I reasoned. I am not less of a person because I had an ugly phone.

And then I earned some extra money two weeks ago when I lectured on newswriting in front of a gymnasium full of high school students from all over Metro Manila, and acted as judge for the competition that followed the talk.

It dawned on me: Could it be time?  I had planned on getting a modest Samsung Chat but Bea advised me to go for a Smartphone for a difference of one thousand pesos.

Still, I did not buy immediately. I must have turned the matter over in my head a thousand times. I asked the children. I asked my friends.

In the end, I got it. It sounds silly but deciding whether or not to buy was really difficult for me. I was in Trinoma early yesterday, just walking and thinking.

And then I snapped and headed for the Samsung store. Why The Hell Not?

I let the entire day pass still using the old unit. I had to copy my contacts to the SIM and get rid of more than a thousand messages!  After midnight, I finally turned the white Galaxy Pocket on and experienced, for the first time, how it is to swipe, and to pinch inward and outwards.

See, this is my first Smart phone. And it was pretty cool!

I was able to read many things online without the hassle of starting the computer (which feels too much like working!). I downloaded Viber and talked to Jennie, one of my best friends who now lives in Ontario. She was just ending her day.

I have not yet been able to put some music in it. That, I would need the teenagers for. Bea also tells me the camera is good. I have yet to find out.

There's plenty of time to explore the Smartphone. For good measure, I got it a good cover with a leather strap -- to make sure petty thieves don't outsmart me again.