Crazy Summer

I realize May is more than halfway done and I have not posted a single thing this month before this one.

I've been going to school this summer -- physically, that is. I am also more than halfway through my masters and in fact, in about two weeks, I will have completed 27 out of the 36 required units.

The degree is a mix of online and on-site courses and under the curriculum, the summer between the first and second years is on-site. My classmates, journalists from other Asian countries as well as a few from the Philippines as well are all here for our "electives." I put it in quotes because there is at least one elective we are required to take, so the name is wrong.

Needless to say, I am busy as hell. I try not to take a leave from the office if I can help it. I just file one in the event of whole-day classes that leave me no room to travel AND psyche myself up for editing work. In other days, I don't come to the office anymore but do the work anyway. The remaining days, I am likely at my office desk, which I insanely miss, sometimes.

These, and being mom as well. I will write about our summer, this summer, in a separate entry. It's been great having them, around and being relieved of some responsibilities that they can take on already, in the event that I am too preoccupied with work or school, or that I need to rest. Badly.

It's enrollment season too and with two kids in university, and Sophie now in junior high at my old stomping ground, and with ELmo carrying on with his violin lessons, I think I have more than enough to worry about, materially.

Oh, and this entire week, our helper is on vacation. Kids and I have more opportunity to bond -- through housework.

I'll get back to blogging, though. I will most definitely be back.