I have been feeling dizzy these past few days -- at home, in the office, anywhere in between. It cramps my productivity (although I try). I will work up the diligence to visit a doctor soon. I know I need to be taking some vitamins for the blood, if not something stronger, to counter anemia.

But even without a medical degree I think I can tell what's wrong, or at least what is contributing to the lightheadedness. I almost always sleep an hour or two after midnight. Then I have to be up at 6 to see the kids off to school. I try to go back to bed but sometimes that's not possible.

I can't help it. We have been in the townhouse for a little more than a month already, yet I still revel at the newness of it all.I spend me-time watching tv or films in the living room. Or fixing up the house. Or planning what to do the following day, the following week. Or making lists. Or writing. Or reading. I would sleep, of course, if my mind decides to stop churning ideas or absorbing them. But sometimes it doesn't want to stop even as I tell it to.

There is just so much to do! My jobs (yes, plural), my masters (I'm almost halfway, can you believe it?) and the house (still a lot to put in order). These four kids need different parenting approaches owing to their different natures, and it's like I am a mother four times over -- and their expenses are just coming out of my ears (think prom and graduation and musical recital season, on top of everything else)!

At the same time, there is so much to learn. I have to make good on my target to read one book a month and watch three films a week. This aside from the things one can get out of tv, good tv, that is. The world is big; we are but specks in the history of all things.

I am relieved it's Friday. I will consciously try to NOT be Superwoman tomorrow. Maybe I will spend most of it sleeping,or doing what I feel like doing. Or not. Call it planned spontaneity. Everybody has her day off.

And maybe I won't feel lightheaded, for a change.