Disproportionate Me

I love this photo of myself. This was taken in Cebu last year, during the Media Nation conference. Love the typewriter shirt as well.

(Following is an assignment for my creative writing class under Mr. Ramon "Rayvi" Sunico -- author or Bruise, a book of poems I absolutely loved many years ago! We were asked to write a physical/concrete description of ourselves.)

I stand 5 feet 2 and weigh 150 lbs. I used to be thinner, but now I am ripe, plump – and unapologetic.

My shoulder-length hair is thin. I make an effort to keep my hair down for a feminine touch, but I get impatient. When travel or work, I put my hair up in a ponytail. This usually reveals a pair of small white or peach pearl earrings. Lately I have been sporting side-swept bangs.

I am fair – more adult yellow than baby pink, I think.

My eyes are brown, my nose big and prominent, and my mouth skews to the left when I smile. I have a mole on my right cheek. When I pose for pictures, I suck my cheeks a bit so my face does not look too fleshy. I sport dark-rimmed glasses for two purposes: to appear more serious (I sound younger than I am) and to avoid that full-face look.

My mild-to-moderate scoliosis shows: If you look at me closely, you will wonder why something seems odd about my posture. My right shoulder is higher than my left; the right side of my back is fuller.

I normally sport a pair of jeans and ballet flats. I play around with t-shirts (folded at the sleeves, 80s style), blouses and collared shirts. I keep a jacket in my office drawer for when it gets too cold or when I need to look more corporate. On special days I put on a skirt, preferably one that swooshes around my legs. On weekends I am brave enough to wear shorts. I have equal preference for color and neutral tones.

I am not model-thin or commercial pretty. But I rather like the jagged ends, the plump finish, the light and dark.