Youth power

One of my editorials in an early-1993 issue of The Gracean Envoy. As a senior, I was the paper's editor in chief.

I can't believe that I'm really doing the same thing for a living now. I feel blessed that I've been aware of my calling at a young age -- and happy that I pursued it.

This one, though, screams motherhood and vagueness and superfluousness. Oh well, I'm sure I have improved, 17 years hence.

Votes counted, results tallied, victors sworn -- these marked the culmination of the Sangguniang Kabataan elections last December 4.

Obviously it was a game of the young. The tender-aged, the spirited, the creative and the hyper-active came together to have their say, so to speak. Once again, the youth has taken its stand and promise as builders of tomorrow.

But if we could promise tomorrow, surely we can speak of today as well.

Youth, to some, is a period in one's life when he can delight in the absence of wrinkles, grey hair and shaky hands. To some it is the people themselves blessed with that divine age.

But however our concepts may vary, nothing can change the fact: we are the youth. And it does not lie in the hands of those who call us so to prove our worth, either. We, with all our glow, unconventional ideas and high spirits, can definitely make things happen. Now...

So that in finally growing with the years we have a fulfilling youth to look back to, and be proud with the nation of the tomorrow we have made out of yesterday.


elai said…
were you able to keep the actual papers or did you keep it in another format? So cool that you still have your copies. I lost mine when I moved out of my parents house after keeping it through college and all. :(
Adelle said…
elai, i actually found the articles gupit gupit na. i must have cut them out way before, planning to make a portfolio, na hindi naman natuloy.

sabi ni charm mactal noon, if we wanted access to old envoy copies, we can just tell her. i havent followed through but that would be nice diba?

take care!