I was pretty pleased with myself this weekend.

I was productive professionally, domestically, maternally. I wrote about the forum organized by civil society climate advocates on Wednesday. As always, writing my column was hard work but rewarding. I rarely write about myself and my experiences anymore except on special occasions. There is this blog to do that in. Instead I use my column space to write about events I attend and people I talk to,often relating to my pet subjects. I'm hoping I can build some sort of a reputation, my little corner in this world, through this.

As always, too,I was insecure with the draft especially my interpretation of the facts,since I was writing about a technical matter. The organizers also asked us not to directly attribute statements to the speakers since their observations were mostly unofficial-- and painfully honest. It might compromise their slots in the negotiating teams. I first cleared the article with my contact; she thanked me for my hard work and said the piece was okay.

I was also able to finish the second full draft of the book I am co-writing with dad. Fifteen chapters and I think we are right on schedule. (More on this at the right time and venue.) Suffice it to say that planning, enthusiasm and discipline played a crucial role in my being able to finish all the chapters in six months' time. I am also happy to be instrumental in dad's attainment of his decade-old dream.

At the homefront, I rearranged the living room furniture again. I realized I needed a center table because there are times I want to watch television AND work at the same time. I put the television on top of the cubbyholes instead I noticed that the shoe racks were not very pretty to look at, especially since I am fancying my house to be orderly, systematic, pleasing to the eye and evocative of serenity and inspiration. I see enough squalor and chaos outside, I want my home to be a sanctuary, and a reflection of who I am and where I want to be.

I used some of the gift certificates that were left over from Christmas to get three shoe cabinets, on sale for a little over 600 each. Now the shoes are right where they are but are tucked away neatly. The pictures speak for themselves.

I tried to be there for Bea as she explored her options for college and beyond.

I opened a Powerteens savings account for my Josh, who turned 14 last week and who is trying to acquire the discipline to save. He tried last year but failed (he fell below balance and the bank closed his account.) Now he's on his way. The initial deposit is my birthday gift to him.

I spent quality time with Sophie, eating sour cream flavored french fries and buko shake at the SM foodcourt, after meeting some of her batch mates who cam over to the house to practice a dance number.

I finally got an appetite stimulant for Elmo and batteries for his educational laptop (a toy), my Christmas gift to him in 2008.

I got a massage.

I was able to make my home office bigger, making use of more cabinet and drawer space. One does not like the sight of things just lying around. Every drawer has a description for its contents. These mundane activities give me such a high.

And, on Sunday night, after arriving from work and sharing a light dinner with josh, I planned he rest of my week. Yes there was a lot to do. Yes, there are humongous challenges, on every front and sometimes all at once, but the fact that I can think up words to describe them, write them down on my planner with my RVM print made prettier by m favorite red gel pen, I feel they are at least half done.

I am in control. What a nice thought to bring to bed.