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The Godinanang

My daughter Sophia turned 18 on Sunday and she threw herself a pajama party at a Jollibee branch. I did not really take an active role in her preparations because it was her other parent that provided the funds – got my mind set on tuition payments and stuff – but it was great nonetheless to see her having fun with different groups of friends.

I had the next to the last dance. The last dance belonged to the mascot, Jollibee. I was also the last of the well wishers. I was asked to prepare a speech and I tried not to spout cliches or get melodramatic, so I thought of sharing the story of The Godinanang.
When Sophia was about four or five, she used to carry an imaginary bilao (a flat, round container for peddling goods) and shout: “Bili bili na...Godinanang!”
All of us wondered what Godinanang was.
She was mortified that I would share an embarrassing (for me it was endearing) story from her childhood, but The Godinanang was actually my birthday wish for her. As much as she was abl…

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