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Truth -- or something like it

I just finished Episode 12 of The Staircase on Netflix. I almost do not want to start the final episode, Episode 13, because then it would all be over.

It's a series on what happens after a woman, Kathleen Peterson, was found dead at the bottom of the staircase in her home. Her husband, Michael, becomes the prime suspect. He is thrown in jail for eight years and then allowed back home before a new trial supposedly resumes, because the state's witness during the original trial was discovered to have acted partially and unprofessionally -- in fact, another man he had sent to jail for 17 years was eventually exonerated.

A friend advised me to skip some episodes and concentrate on the ones on the verdict and the final one, but I sat through the series anyway, if painstakingly, over the past few days. I believed all episodes lent great insight into the search for truth, the invaluable support of family, and the fight for justice in a system that could be unjust make for great mat…

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